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SF-Shop-System V1.2
  • Product code :php09
  • Price 300 £
  • 20% VAT is included

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SF-Shop-System V1.2  -- March 2022

-Multilingual version

With our completely new SF shop system V1, you acquire a complex shop system including a powerful and clear administration area with numerous functions.

Also included is a complete ticket and support system, callback function and so much more.

Our new Shop V1 is characterized by clarity and convenient menu navigation - even the "inexperienced" occasional surfer can find his way around immediately and is not overwhelmed by resource-wasting gimmicks, superfluous functions and confusing link blocks.

The (unencrypted!) PHP code is easy to understand even for beginners and can be easily adapted to your own ideas with basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

A CSS-based design and numerous ready-made text pages such as the imprint, data protection, terms and conditions, revocation, FAQ, etc. are also included in the scope of delivery.

Update V1.2

     1. Create / edit CSS adjustments for product
     2. Document download did not work (product page)
     3. Problems with uploading audio files fixed
     4. Fixed minor issues with product creation/editing

Update V1.1


     1. Create article attributes / features and assign products (e.g. color, size, etc.)
     2. Mark items as "free" and offer this as a gift that the customer can order
     3. Enhanced header slider, images can now be linked to items/categories in the shop

Bug fixes

     1. Deleting a slider image, all existing images were always deleted
     2. Print view products, faulty or did not work
     3. Minor bug fixes

General information:
• ** New - completely new source code in the familiar modern design
• ** New - multilingual (DE / EN)
• ** New - Responsive Design (Frontend / Backend)
• ** New - Header Slider
• ** New - TOP products, new products, bestsellers, special offers
• ** New - evaluation function
• ** New - callback function
• ** New - invoice template
• ** New - automatic payment processing (PayPal / Stripe / bank transfer)
• ** New - HTML editor
• ** New - shipping methods
• ** New - manufacturer
• ** New - tax zones
• ** New - currencies
• ** New - Co-Admin administration
• ** New - shop maintenance mode
• ** New - notepad
• ** New - purchase without a customer account
• ** New - customer groups
• ** New - vouchers
• ** New - Support Ticket System
• ** New - works with PHP 7.4 / PHP 8.0
• ** New - completely new ADMIN area, modern and clear
• ** New - almost every function can be activated or deactivated in the admin
• ** New - Shop Installer, quick and easy
• ** New - Admin LogIn System including password reset function
• ** New - backup system
•    And much more…

• Clear functions without resource-guzzling gimmicks,
• Easily understandable menu navigation for visitors, members and administration,
• The number of products is unlimited,
• Unlimited number of rubrics and categories (1 sub-level),
• Oversized article images are automatically reduced to the permitted format after uploading them to the server,
• Simply search,
• Visitor statistics - user agents and referrers are recorded and can be viewed in the admin area,


Frontend: Demo

Administration: Demo

Login admin: admin / admin

Visitor area - front end

• Easy to understand intuitive menu navigation
• Clear listing of the products
• Random and TOP products
• Search for products using a powerful, accurate search engine
• Sorting of the products by date, price and alphabetically possible
• Extensive information on the products - detail page
• Convenient scrolling and sorting functions on the index pages
• Spam-proof contact form
• Quick buy
• Callback
• Bookmarks
• and much more....

Members area

• Password-protected login area for members
• Address book entries
• Order overview
• Support tickets
• Newsletter
• Product notifications
• Account information


Numerous functions are available to you in your administration:

• Comfortable and simple menu navigation ...
• New PDF invoice template
• Settings for the payment methods (bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe)
• Slider settings - activate / deactivate / upload images, activate / deactivate
• Manage the rubrics and categories, create (1 sub-level) including description
• Delete and change the rubric or category description
• Manage, change, activate, and block products
• Comprehensive management of the system settings, pretty much everything can be switched on or off
• Newsletter server: Send newsletters to members, archive, send again, save as a template.
• Newsletter subscribers: list, delete individual recipients
• Extensive search functions - member, e-mail addresses, descriptive texts, keywords and article numbers can be searched
• Integrated editor, numerous files can be edited directly in the administration, e.g. the imprint, the FAQ and terms and conditions, error messages, automatic mails
• Extensive sorting functions according to date, price, validity, alphabetically
• Orders
• Support tickets
• Reviews
• Shipping methods
• Tax zones
• Callback
• Customer groups
• Vouchers
• Manufacturer
• Almost all text content, e.g. FAQ, imprint, etc. can now be easily edited directly in the admin with the newly integrated HTML editor and also designed with HTML. It is also easy to upload images here.
• Editing function for the automatically sent e-mails
• Search in the archived orders, print out the entries found
...and much more!

The best thing to do is to test our new, modern admin area yourself ...

Sales through advertising,
You can generate sales through advertisements.
You determine the price yourself.

Advertising blocks are possible in all automatically sent e-mails, editable in the admin area!

Numerous advertising blocks are already permanently integrated, and you can switch them on or off:

• 2x advertising banners in the footer,
• 1x advertising banner start page (above)
• Google Analytics
• more in preparation

The script offers extensive protection against cross-scripting and SQL injection. Passwords are saved as SHA-1 hashes

All forms are SPAM-proof, all entries are checked carefully. Outgoing e-mails are generated by the system and cannot be misused for sending SPAM.