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Business Directory V2.8 Pro
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Business Directory V2.8 Pro - Responsive - Multilingual

With our completely newly developed "Business Directory V2.8 Pro" from March 2022 you will receive an Internet project including user-friendly administration, and as well numerous important and new functions.

Update V2.8

Bug fixes

    1. Adjustments PHP 8 - 8.1
    2. The contact person was not visible on the ad page


    1. Lock / unlock entries
    2. Improved Google Adsense
    3. CSS adjustments to account cards
    4. Adaptation of registration --> Mr. / Ms. / I don't want to say


Update V2.7

Bug fixes

    1. SEO adjustments
    2. Image size / file size adjustable in admin
    3. Error when expiring entries that were created in the admin, no expire date was set in the database
    4. Error when reinstating entries in admin


    1. Document upload for customers has been improved, and a search function has been integrated


Update 2.6

    1. Sitemap Generator does not work on PHP8
    2. CSS Editor does not save to PHP8
    3. Payment was deactivated at EUR 0.00 so that the user can create the entry without going to the payment page
    4. Several adjustments to PHP8 / PHP8.1
    5. Installer buggy, language selection added

September Update V2.5

NEW - Gallery option can now be booked flexibly from the admin area
NEW - IP & email block
NEW - Backup function via admin area
NEW - Improved Google Map (improved map loading time)
- CSS adjustments gallery
- minor bug adjustments


Features and options:

-- TOP company gallery
-- 3 different account models, which can be flexibly adjusted in the admin area
-- Invoice designer
-- Payment methods, bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal and direct debit (in preparation)
-- Google map
-- Rating System
-- Route planner
-- Business opening hours
-- Multilingual (frontend and backend)
-- Responsive (frontend and backend)
-- Company watchlist
-- Document upload
-- Company verification
-- Easy and quick installation by installer
-- Comfortable administration
-- Easily understandable menu navigation for administration, visitors and members
-- The number of entries is unlimited
-- Unlimited number of categories and branches (over 1 sublevel)
-- Simple search of companies via the branch list or company list
-- Newsletter: Send text or HTML newsletter
-- XML sitemap generator - create an XML sitemap manually or automatically

and so much more ...

CSS-based design, ready-made text pages such as imprint, FAQ, search tips - are just as much part of the scope of delivery as a MySQL table with numerous categories and industries that have already been entered.

The unencrypted (!) PHP code is easy to understand even for PHP beginners and can easily be adapted to your own needs with basic knowledge of PHP.

Front page: Demo Business Directory V2 Pro

Administration: Admin area

Login: admin / admin

Network functions

Not enough entries? You don't want to present your visitors with an empty business directory? No problem! With the built-in network functions, you can register your business directory with a "business network" and receive new entries from there regularly.

Of course, you alone determine which entries are published in your business directory and which you reject!

Content editor

The content editor is a content management system with which you can create additional pages without changing the original software files. You can position the corresponding links and content in 2 different positions:

- In the header area

- In the footer area


- Create an unlimited number of additional pages (start page)

- Selection of the position of the links to the additional pages

- HTML code allowed (via HTML editor)

- Lock, unlock, edit entries

- Various font styles for the links

- External links


Functions for visitors

- TOP gallery & gallery

- Google Map

- Tip banner (more flexible, customizable in the admin area)

- Clear listing of all entries (categories, new entries, TOP list)

- Extensive information on the entries on the detail page including Google map, rating function, opening times, integration of videos

- Convenient scrolling and sorting functions

- Top lists, new entries, quick search

and much more...

Members area

- Edit & edit entry

- Contact inquiries (here you will find all inquiries that were created via the contact form of the created entry, requirement, this is active for the account type!)

- Watchlist (overview of all saved company entries)

- Information page

- Account page, with an overview of all transactions and when or until when the entry is active

- Verification (verify your company, all changes to your entry as well as new entries, depending on the account type, are automatically approved!)

- Invoice, download created invoices

- Premium options (to bring a basic entry, e.g. in the gallery or TOP gallery)

- Document upload, upload PDF, TXT or DOC files, such as portfolios, catalogues for your customers, which are then displayed on the entry page and made available for download

- Change data (here you can change your password and upload a logo / icon for your own account)

- Logout

- Various status displays - activated, waiting for activation, etc.

- If you are logged in to a link network, the member can choose whether his entry should be sent to the link network or not ...

And much more...


- Entries, approve entries, approve changes, unconfirmed, premium entries, waiting for payment, expired entries, settings entries

- Categories & industries, edit, delete

- Newsletter, create newsletter, archive, subscriber list

- Industry network - for registering your business directory with a compatible industry network

- Adjust / change admin details

- Configuration of the XML sitemap generator - can be set manually or automatically

- Detailed separate visitor and search engine statistics with IP (anonymized), user agent and referrer.

- CSV import / export system - enables entries to be saved and written back or exchanged between different business directories.

- Management of the categories and branches (1 sublevel)

- Very simple and clear menu navigation

- Export / import newsletter subscribers and entries (.csv or .txt files) in various formats

- Creation of backup copies of entries and newsletter subscribers

- System settings, setting of all options for your Business directory

- Cookie banner settings

- Texts of the website, here you will find all texts to easily edit them in an HTML editor

- Upload logo, upload your logo for the business directory

- TOP gallery, settings of the TOP gallery

- Account settings, an important point, as the 3 different account types are configured here, there are Basic, Premium and Business, each of these account types can be configured flexibly

- Advertising settings, here you can store your banner codes or your Google AdSense publisher ID

- Payment settings, here you will find all created invoices, the invoice designer, a transaction overview, as well as the payment settings for PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer and direct debit

- Reviews, here you can edit, delete and approve them

- Content editor for adding and editing your own pages and content

and much more...

Explanation of the CVS import / export system:

With the import / export system, you can save your business directory data directly from the administration as a backup copy or exchange it between several business directories.

This is particularly interesting if you operate several business directories. You can exchange the entries in the activated or not activated state, with or without branches between various branch directories.

You can:

- Back up and write back e-mail addresses or import them into other business directories.

- Save and write back categories / branches or import them into other business directories.

- Save and write back entries or import them into other business directories.

Export and import formats:

- Text file (.txt) or CSV file (.csv)

- With comma, semicolon or colon separation of the data fields

Data export:

- Data of your newsletter subscribers

- Branch entries - with various options:

- all entries

- only entries from certain categories

- only activated entries

- only entries that have not yet been activated

- with or without pre-selected categories / sectors

- Creating backup copies of entries or newsletter subscribers

Data import:

- Data of your newsletter subscribers

- Branch entries - Options:

- Comma or semicolon separated fields, Excel compatible

- only entries from certain categories activated / not activated

- only activated entries

- only entries that have not yet been activated

- Importing a backup copy of the entries or newsletter subscribers, e.g. after reinstallation.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our scripts completely dispense with so-called sessions and generate search engine-friendly links even without "mod_rewrite", so, for example, the names of the industries and categories are included in the link.

There is no "click count" - only visits to the detail pages are counted.

The entries are optimally indexed on Google ™ and your own PAGE-RANK ™ is easily passed on to registered pages (PR inheritance).

The script offers the greatest possible protection against SPAM entries and SQL injection attacks, passwords are saved as MD5 hashes.

The administration is independent of the other files of the script and can be renamed or separated from the rest of the script and called e.g. via a subdomain.